Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement - March 2019

Euro Distri Service (EDS)


The General Data Protection Regulations (EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016) contain new legal provisions. It imposes a more detailed framework for the controller of the processing of personal data in order to manage, process and secure them more effectively. It also specifies the rights of an individual with respect to the collection and use of this type of data.

As a human resources specialist, we have always considered the protection of our clients' data and the privacy of their workers to be a fundamental value and a guiding principle of our business.

Our privacy policy and working methods are therefore fully compliant with the DGMP.

To this end, we are committed to complete transparency in the collection, processing and use of data during the various data manipulations. All data processed are duly protected and used only for the purposes indicated in this privacy statement or by those agreed with the controller.

We establish a policy in agreement with the data controller to ensure the maximum security of the data transmitted to us by our customers.

In addition to the careful monitoring of data processing guidelines, we have sought technical and legal advice to update our processing policy and processes in line with developments in these areas.

Finally, the extent of the data collected and their storage over time is always appropriate and proportionate for these purposes.

This privacy statement defines and informs you about how we use and protect the personal data that is transmitted to us:

  1. The processing of your data
  2. The purposes of the processing of your data
  3. The protection of your data
  4. Storing and sharing your data
  5. The length of time your data is kept
  6. The right to access and correct your datas

1.     The processing of your data

As a confectionery wholesaler, we have historically only worked with companies, we may receive data about their employees, such as an e-mail address or telephone number, from them for communication purposes only.

 2.    The purposes of the processing of your data

The data are therefore processed solely for the purposes of administrative management, communication, submission of offers, purchase orders and invoicing.

 3.    The protection of your data

Apart from the measures taken specifically in collaboration with each controller in relation to a mission, the procedure put in place limits contacts with personal data to a minimum: 

  • Our IT facilities are secured with passwords.
  • Software and various IT suppliers are selected on the basis of their membership in the DGMP.
  • A logical protection plan is implemented on local servers or workstations. It includes an internal firewall, automatic backups in duplicate, passwords limiting access and, if necessary, encryption of data/work files.
  • Confidentiality clauses are included in each contract in which private data processing may occur. They include the procedures for saving and erasing these data.
  • We closely monitor the DGMP regulations and continue to update ourselves in order to best protect the data entrusted to us.
  • We inform our employees, suppliers and customers so that they too can apply the regulations effectively.

 4.    Storing and sharing your data

All received data is automatically backed up on secure servers, a backup period is agreed.

EDS shares its networks and administrative resources with Probel Group and Checkout Solutions, these three entities are the only possible recipients of your personal information.

Together, these entities ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Protected information, whether in individual or aggregate form, is never transmitted to a third party other than that required by our business.

5.    The length of time your data is kept

In order to avoid any confidentiality concerns during our various services, we only save the data essential to the execution of our mission.

Some data are essential for the management of our activity.

This data, reduced to the strict minimum, will be saved for a period of 10 years, after which time data of a confidential nature according to the DGPS will be deleted or, at worst, anonymised.

6.    The right to access and correct your data

The protected data that have been transmitted to us during an order may, if they are still in our possession, be screened and exported for consultation, in response to a written request from the person concerned.

We will execute any relevant changes requested to the data in our possession.

To do this, you can contact the Data Protection Officer by email or telephone :


Please note that this privacy statement may be modified or supplemented at any time, in particular to comply with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological changes. In such a case, the date of its update will be clearly identified at the beginning of this declaration.